AFIP authorizes the entry of one cell phone and one laptop or tablet per person

28 Sep 2018   |   Por: Alejo Baca Castex

General Resolution No. 4315, issued by AFIP and published in the Official Gazette on September 28, 2018, amended the definition of “items for personal use or consumption” with respect to Argentine Custom’s General Rules on Baggage Entry. (si es para USA; si no, Luggage).

The new text has broadened the previous definition, which merely included "items of clothing and toiletries and other goods clearly intended for personal use" and added "one laptop that does not require an external energy source for its operation (such as a notebook or tablet) and one cell phone".

According to the referred to resolution, one cell phone and a single laptop or tablet per person may now be entered into the country as items for personal use, free from duties and without any customs declaration being required.